Radis Noir - local grocery store

Radis Noir wishs to offer the greatest variety of products to accommodate as many people as we can within the community. We have the basic staples: bread, milk products, eggs, meats, fruits and vegetables but we also offer a great range of more specialised products like locally made jams, chocolates, ciders, beers and wine.
Radis Noir produces several home-made products made from simple and high-quality ingredients. For example: smoked salmon, salsa, pasta sauce, ready to eat meals and much more.
We prioritise local and organic products but without compromising quality or price accessibility.

Our Mission

Radis noir grocery store in Ste-Anne-des-lacs offers everyday commodities like milk products, fruits and vegetables and meats. We also pride ourselves in our ready to eat meals, smoked salmon, salsa, pies, sauce for pasta and much more! (all home cooked and prepared by us).

Our values:
Eco-friendly : As a business we try to reduce waste by utilising most of the unsold products in our kitchen and use containers and packaging that are recyclable or biodegradable. We also strive to find balance between proximity, organic, in season and at a reasonable price, when purchasing products.

Community: One of the main reasons that motivated, us as team to open this business was a desire to be there for the community and also be a place where people can socialise, meet their neighbors and create lasting connects.
Serving the community by offering them local and healthy products.

Culinary culture (gastronomie): What this means to us, is the fundamental need to return to a simpler relationship with food. Real ingredients, locally sourced, fresh and flavorful. Being there for the local population offering them products that haven’t been shipped from around the world. The idea is not to exclude imported products but to prioritize locally grown foods.
We also love to share knowledge about food and healthy option and alternatives that we offer. Eating healthy without comprising taste.

Life balance: In times where achieving a good equilibrium in lives is increasingly difficult, we’ve decided to offer a great variety of products and home cooked meals to assist people in their goals of finding balance. Saving time and eating healthy

banniere d'épices dans des cuilleres

Our products and partners

We are constantly searching for new partners so we can offer you the best products, at a better price and more variety. We always prioritize local products and businesses when possible.

What our clients say about us

Simon Fournier
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Une magnifique addiction pour la municipalité! Vous pouvez demander des produits spécifiques et ils se feront un plaisir de vous accommoder. Je compte y aller régulièrement afin d'assurer la pérennité de ce sympathique endroit.
Martine Cote
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La salsa chipotle est tellement délicieuse, la meilleure que j'ai goûté à vie !
m j
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Une belle boutique,épicerie. Équipe sympathique,produits extras.
Christine Angelica
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J'adore ! Je dois m'abstenir parfois. J'entre pour une chose ressorts avec 10. Entre pour rien ressorts en mangeant un biscuit, un fruit, une pizza ! L'essayer c'est l'adopter !
Sébastien Colpron
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Très belle endroit. Ça vaut la peine d'y aller Vraiment super